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"Let your Mind, Body, and Spirit soar into the science and art of Raindrop Training."

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Testimonials on Aromatherapy Training

There are many satisfied people who've gone through Gail's exciting classes. The following testimonials are just some of the numerous people who have learned a great deal from her teachings. Contact Gail today to learn how you can enter one of her classes.


"I found the CARE program to be of the highest quality in all aspects; seminar proceedings, CCI expectations for training and application. Most exciting was the healing I experienced during my night's sleep! A muscle/nerve in my leg left me unable to jog for the past 14 months; also my index and third finger on my right hand were unable to flex each morning! After seeking attention from several massage therapists this past year, I continued each day with no new results UNTIL the morning after my Vitaflex and Raindrop Technique session! Fingers have been restored to full movement and the pain in my leg is completely gone. Very exciting for me--now many of my family/friends know about CARE. They all have heard my story. I believe CARE has brought the means for a new chapter of health and well-being in my mind and body."—Colleen Michaelis, Escondido, CA

"I really appreciated the simple way Gail demonstrated the Emotional Release class. This is the third time I've taken the class."—Deborah Sherman, Crescent City, CA

"Gail is a pure joy. The classroom was extremely well set-up, well diffused, materials beautifully displayed and the room very comfortable. Gail has a passion for the oils and shares her knowledge eloquently."—Jesse Hodgdon, LMT, Talent, OR

"This was a wonderful class and overall experience. Gail was a joy to learn from.  She was great at teaching and expressing clearly the techniques and information," - Kim Rieman, Dillon, MT

"I came here expecting to learn Raindrop massage.  What I am walking away with though, is beyond what I was expecting from this class.  Amazing class!  I am fascinated with the oils and all they do."  Megan Schafer, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
To learn and experience and fully understand the power of therapeutic oils I recommend CARE classes with Gail Hunter.  They are priceless information.  Time well spent.  Melody Strite - Warrenton, OR

Class was amazing!  Gail is an amazing and gifted instructor.  Can't wait to learn more!  Abigail P, Rancho Mirage, CA

"Enlightening the oils to so many directions, emotionally, spiritually, physically and new visions.  Blessings" Brigette Butler -Redondo Beach, CA

As always, Gail has imspired me to take bodywork to a whole different level.  She makes me think, and allows me to expand my mind.  She is a blessing to me and to all who want to help people with the cutting edge of new healing and Christi Bonds-Garrett's vision.  Thank you.  Andrea Boldt, Redway, CA

Gail has changed my life with her amazing teaching and passion and knowledge.  I feel ready to continue my journey with healing and all my new techniques and knowledge.  Jessica Steel, New Zealand



Trust in Gail Hunter to provide educational aromatherapy training and other classes.

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